About Hope




Truly, like many of you I started out in corporate America.

Working long days and perfecting the art of pushing papers. Inside however, I was longing to serve others and would dream about how I could make that happen. So, the day came when someone asked me one key question. “What is it you could do that would make you happy and you would never get sick of it”? That is how the industry of massage and bodywork found me.

My training and ongoing desire to create magic with the new skill set pushed me every day. To this day I owe all I am to this wonderful industry. I currently am honored to teach a 10 month massage & bodywork course and have been for eight years. I am a certified massage & bodywork instructor with Associated Bodywork of Massage Professionals. In 2012 I graduated from the famous Michael Ports licensed  Book Yourself Solid Coaching program. Today, I can do what I LOVE. That is to educate you on getting booked solid so you may spend your days FOCUSED on what you are famous for and serving your ideal clients. You serve, therefore you deserve thriving success. You truly do.

Here you are, the new massage therapist, hair stylists or esthetician with your artistic vision for your craft. I want to see you utilize that talent.I will teach you to get more clients than you can ever handle.  It will be an honor to work  with you and see your business move toward the success that you certainly deserve. Getting you and your team booked solid, goal #1.

If you would like to get in touch please feel free to email me.