So, you love to mentor others. In honor of your infinite desire to be the one, I would love to help you become a rock star mentor for your team.

You serve, therefore you deserve thriving success

What are some of the core challenges in your work zone?

  • Feast or famine – some staff members are quite busy, others are bored.
  • Commitment to marketing is absent.
  • Staff are not in line with the mission.
  • There are some complaints about NOT getting enough clients.
  • Marketing is sporadic or not working efficiently.                                                                                          

All of these issues can disappear and you can be the rock star mentor that makes it happen for you and your team.

The Soulution for you and your team of heart centered practitioners-get booked solid.

  • Create more productivity through a clearer vision.
  • Develop a signature core philosophy that everyone is invested in.
  • Improve personal and internal communication with clients, staff and prospective clients.
  • Improve the effectiveness of the entire team.
  • Increase revenue up to 60%
  • Develop your brand
  • Create bold self expression for the brand


Course 1-Team marketing and mindset coaching – Accountability series via webinar conference or live education seminar.


The four horsemen to foundation building.

The 9 week program includes:

  • Your team, yourself and I will meet 1X a week for a one hour webinar conference for nine weeks with Q & A at the end of each training.
  • You and your team will be given specific accountability assignments to obtain their goals. Some of these assignments will be the accountability to each other as well.
  • This will be fun, inspiring and so many AHA moments.
  • Unlimited access to your coach via email
  • BYS written lessons and exercises
  • Benefit:  Building a four horseman foundation that your whole team is now invested in. This will bring so much excitement, clarity, and prospective. Your four horseman foundation is your client attractor systematized to benefit you for the long term.
  • The Four Horseman accountability webinars. Your team and I = $695 p.p for a team of (6) or more. You all get Nine {1}-Hour live training webinars each week with The Mentors Coach. This takes nine weeks for completion.
  • Learn the four horseman foundation in a one to one coaching with the mentors coach.
  • $895 one to one coaching.

Course 2-Team marketing and mindset coaching-Accountability series via webinar conference or live education seminar.


Get Booked Solid-The entire system.

This is 6 month program includes:

  • Learn the entire Book Yourself Solid Marketing and Sales System
  • 24 full weeks of (1) hour live training webinars each week with The Mentors Coach.
  • Unlimited access to your coach by email
  • Private client access to entire BYS system at your finger tips
  • Interactive web based BYS written exercises and lessons
  • Goal setting and accountability work
  • Get all the resources you need at your finger tips.
  •  Entire Book Yourself Solid series accountability seminars. Your team and I = $1,800 p.p for a team of (4) or more. {A savings of $4,000} You and your team get {1}-Hour live training webinars with The Mentors Coach. This will take 24 weeks for completion.

Benefit: Get booked Solid!

Cost: $2975-One to One coaching.